Dorothy Judith Berry Archivist



Facing a Ticking Clock, Missourians Seek to Preserve Black History

KBIA, Interviewee

Digitizing and Enhancing Description Across Collections to Make African American Materials More Discoverable on Umbra Search African American History

The Design for Diversity Toolkit, Fall 2018

Christopher Harris Interview

Third Rail Quarterly, Issue 12, Spring 2018

Hide and Seek; Organizing Hidden Collections for Umbra Search African American History

Acid Free, Fall 2017

Umbra Search African American History: Aggregating African American Digital Archives

Parameters, December 2016

#Umbra Search

Editor, Umbra Search Blog, October 2016- May 2018

Archival Spotlight

Black Camera, Spring 2016 (link accessible to Project Muse subscribers)

Richard E. Norman And Race Filmmaking: Reprocessing and Digitization

Black Camera, Fall 2016  (link accessible to Project Muse subscribers)

American Theatre Architecture Archive Blog

Theatre Historical Society of America, February 2015-June 2015



Ozarks Afro-American History Museum, May 2013-August 2013

  • Recording oral histories as metadata capture

  • Photographing all physical objects

  • Scanning all photographs and print materials

  • Creating an Omeka hosted site that tells the museum's story in five exhibits.


IASPM-US Interview Series: Daniel Cavicchi & Natalie Hopkinson

International Association for the Study of Popular Music, April 2013 & October 2012