Umbra Search African American History: Aggregating African American Digital Archives

Parameters, December 2016


#Umbra Search

Umbra Search Blog, October 2016- Present


Archival Spotlight

Black Camera, Spring 2016 (link accessible to Project Muse subscribers)


Richard E. Norman And Race Filmmaking: Reprocessing and Digitization

Black Camera, Fall 2016  (link accessible to Project Muse subscribers)


American Theatre Architecture Archive Blog

Theatre Historical Society of America, February 2015-June 2015



Ozarks Afro-American History Museum, May 2013-August 2013

  • Recording oral histories as metadata capture
  • Photographing all physical objects
  • Scanning all photographs and print materials
  • Creating an Omeka hosted site that tells the museum's story in five exhibits.


IASPM-US Interview Series: Daniel Cavicchi & Natalie Hopkinson

International Association for the Study of Popular Music, April 2013 & October 2012