Dorothy Judith Berry Archivist



Personally Sustainable Models for Institutionally Sustainable Work

Panel Co-Chair, Digital Library Federation Annual Meeting, October 2018

Take me Into the Library and Show Me Myself: Towards Authentic Accessibility in Digital Libraries

Panelist, The Past, Present, and Future of Libraries Symposium,
American Philosophical Society, September 2018

Toward Culturally Competent Archival (Re)Description of Marginalized Histories

Panelist, Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, August 2018

Giving Voice to Archival Silences: Amplifying Black History Through Research and Technology

Annual African and African American Studies Lecture Series Speaker,
Missouri State University, February 2018

Introduction to Digital Humanties

Class Guest Speaker, Michigan State University, Winter 2017

OCLC Works in Progress Webinar: Umbra Search African American History

Co-Leader,  Spring, 2017

Lost in Aggregation: Towards Inclusive Metadata and Descriptive Practices in Digital Collections

Working Session Facilitator, DPLAFest, April 21, 2017

History Keepers Program

Invited Speaker, Yale University Afro-American Cultural Center, April 12, 2017

Paths to Discovery: Programs Bringing African American Collections to Stakeholder Communities

Panel Chair, Midwest Archives Conference, 2017 Annual Meeting

Making the Invisible Visible: Activating Black History Through Digital Storytelling

Panelist, Virginia Commonwealth University, October 6, 2016

An Honest Reckoning: [Digital?] Sites for Black History and Research Scholarship

Panelist, Association for the Study of African American History and Life, 2016 Annual Meeting

Black Archives Now: Collaboration, Access, and Use

Panelist, Emory University, August 1, 2016